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Tuesday, November 6th, 2007
2:25 am
Character Alignment
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D&D Online Alignment Test 12/29/00

Saturday, October 13th, 2007
10:10 am
Dripping Blade Routed from Zolfo's Hole
On July 3rd the village of Zolfo's Hole was freed from the unchecked predations of a lair of orcs living beneath the small township.

Bonaparte Bacardi, Gravelly Bosher, and several cleric and dwarf NPCs descended beneath the ruined area of town. There were several skirmishes in the dangerous, orc-filled tunnels. Also there was a large battle fought against pursuing orcs on Main Street. (Many militiamen were injured.) Orc cunning and ferocity were challenged by the inventiveness and skill of the adventurers.

In a final contest of arms, the dwarven warrior Gravelly Bosher defeated the orc chieftain in single combat. Witnesses say the fight was over in seconds, describing how the towering orc received near-mortal wounds from the strength of his diminutive opponent's blows. Having agreed to terms before the fight, the chieftain stayed true to his word and, along with the survivng orcs, left Zolfo's Hole forever.

So the village of Zolfo's Hole was finally freed from the nightly terror of the Dripping Blade tribe. The adventure spanned three days, concluding on the third of July.

Rumors of orcs remaining in Zolfo's Hole are being investigated by sheriff Dolan.
9:56 am
Zolfo's Hole History
Formerly an important site for trade and the center of worship for followers of Midas in the western lands, the free village of Zolfo's Hole was devastated by an orc invasion over ten years ago. The attack came at night with little warning - the percussive drums and boot-shod march of orc warriors. Many of the bravest fighting men of Zolfo's Hole perished in defense of the populace. The Temple of Midas was sacked, and the whole mercantile quarter was laid waste. By daybreak most of the buildings were burnt or smouldering. Bodies littered the streets. The cruel hand of chaos held the sundered people of Zolfo's Hole in its grip as the orc invaders retreated whence they had come.

However, the plight of Zolfo's Hole was not finished. At dusk of the following day funeral processions were assaulted by bands of orcs. With more raids and murders the following evenings, it was clear some of the orc attackers had settled in the sewers under Zolfo's Hole. The already weakened village was under siege from below.

New men of able-body volunteered to bolster the remnants of the militia. Nightly patrols reduced orc activity outside the ruined area, while the rest of the people stayed out of the ruins and further protected themselves by obeying a nightly curfew. A poorly planned assault of orcs was slaughtered by the organized militia and a flanking squad of clerics of Stellos. After that night, several of the ruined buildings were demolished to establish a broader buffer zone betwixt the dangerous ruins and the surviving village, as well as to ensure the orcs remained below ground (during daylight, at least). There were various projects to protect and comfort the people in the following years.

The war with the orc invaders had reached an uneasy balance. Nightly small groups of orcs would raid inhabitants of Zolfo's Hole and retreat from the militia. From time to time, small groups of Stellosian clerics would descend into Zolfo's Hole (the realm beneath the village which bore the same name) and counter-raid the orcs.

Many of the industries of the village are reduced or gone. Zolfo's Hole has a large population of widows, orphans, and homeless vagrants with no means of practicing their former professions nor leaving the village. With Zolfo's Hole now weak, the wilderness surrounding it has become more dangerous. Unpleasant creatures encroach on the stricken settlement. There is an atmosphere of depression, and ambivalent fear and hope about what the future may hold for the remaining residents.

This is when the adventuring campaign begins in Zolfo's Hole.
Monday, January 30th, 2006
5:49 pm
Informal Post
Okay, I have never played a "by mail" or blog RPG before, but that's why Wheel is going to help me work this out. And if it doesn't work out ...

The way I play AD&D is that heroes and villains die, get disease, and are sometimes murdered by their friends for money while I nearly pee myself with laughter. I don't pull any punches and characters tend to die. Much rougher than my D&D days.

I'm not sure how well that will translate into a posting community.

Anyhow, I will update information about the campagin setting, politics, rumors, happenings etc. every so often, regardless of whether or not anyone is reading. Because real nerds don't need real friends.

Right now I'm just putting this up.

Some ground rules later.
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